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"Lowest rate out there and great service!"
Christopher Pszalgowski, New Jersey

"At settlement, I was amazed at the accuracy of every price Home Finances had quoted from the very beginning, including the lowest interest rate and fees…you were a mark of integrity throughout the whole process up to and including closing."
Ethel R. McKoy, Washington, DC

"The most pleasant business transaction I have ever experienced…fast, accurate, and reassuring. All information, costs and numbers are exactly as first quoted. We would recommend Home Finances to anyone, and already have!"
Bernard Ibenke, Pennsylvania

"We are grateful for your accessibility and responsiveness."
Nancy Merdzinski, V.P. Communication and Member Services, Michigan Association of Realtors

"This is my second go around with Home Finance and, again I have been very happy."
Terrill Bohnsack, Pennsylvania

"Home Finances took a professional approach to treating their customers; dignity and respect was a breath of fresh air. We would not hesitate to recommend Home Finances to all potential homebuyers looking for a good product and excellent service."
Nicholas Sabaratnam, California

"Most mortgage companies I called only had automated voicemail. Home Finances answered their phone everytime I called."
Renee Jacobs, Minnesota

"Expedited service was great."
Andrew Keenen, Washington, DC

"Our loan officer was patient, diligent and informative."
Ellen M. Dade, Nevada

"It was a pleasure doing business with a professional company."
Derrick A. Lloyd, California

"Home Finance gave us an easy loan, along with exemplary service."
Charles McAllister, New York

"Loan Officer was amazing; really going the extra mile for us."
Robin M. Fairman, Washington

"Good experience, painless process and excellent rate."
Ben & Wendy Redshaw, Minnesota

"The loan officer was extraordinarily knowledgeable and professional."
Julia Burke, Florida

"We appreciate what a wonderful job you did for us. Your professionalism, courtesy and experience put us at ease. We are very confident recommending you and your company to anyone."
Cathy & Jay Roberts, Massachusetts

"Our loan officer was helpful, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable."
James & Genevieve Kirk, Virginia

"We were very pleased with all aspects of Home Finances throughout our loan refinance; everything was completed in timely manner and surpassed all expectations."
Linda McNally, Indiana

"I was particularly impressed by my loan officer's efficiency in addressing our requests."
Hsiu-Mei Lin, Colorado

"You were very responsive, pleasant and thorough."
Sandra Quinn, Pennsylvania

"Extremely helpful and efficient."
Linda Schwartz, Illinois

"Sincerity, interest and care was given to our transaction…personal involvement and attentiveness made transaction pleasant and painless."
Morgan H. Williams, Delaware

"Home Finances definitely exceeded my expectations."
Nicole Lutzer, Connecticut

"Home Finances quickly approved us with no problems."
Maria & Carlos Salvador, Illinois

"Painless and efficient."
Michael Realander, Michigan

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